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This site offers me the opportunity to contemplate my daily life and experiences, living on the Plateau Mont-Royal, located in Montreal, Canada. The individual texts vary in length, usually from 3 to 4 pages, and address certain topical subjects. I’ve been exploring the streets of Plateau Mont-Royal for the past forty years and lived a few hundred meters from where my great-grandmother did at the beginning of the 1900s.

I began posting my new original french texts on a bi-weekly basis on September 01, 2018. The new english translations, by John Naccarato, will be posted, starting on Saturday, May 2, 2020. A new english text will then follow on average, once every two weeks, on Saturday mornings. (this publication has stopped by lack of a translator)

The texts are classified into nine categories: Basically:

1+1=1: talks about sexuality (and any topic where the equation is relevant).
About Education: explores various aspects regarding knowledge
About Knowledge: presents ideas and concepts that I have created or modified.
About Common Sense: a different way of looking at things.
Myth and its Use: offers stories that are falsely true.
Modern Times: about current technology and politics.
Egoism vs. Altruism: about human behaviour.
Psychography: a way of seeing, first introduced by a 20th-century humanist.
Souvenirs: excerpts from my unconventional life.


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